I’ve been expecting you

Baby Brown 2I’m not sure what I’m more pleased about: the fact it appears BB is going to have a brother or sister in the autumn, or the fact I’ve managed to get a Robbie Williams album title in the heading of this post (the former, obviously).

Yep – it’s officially official: all being well three will become four in late October or early November (my money’s on November) and a whole new chapter of Confessions of a Crummy Mummy will be born.

I have no doubt, at times, this will result in me becoming even crummier – like using the hoover nozzle to clean out the bottom of the fridge (I call it multi-tasking) or making one batch of beef and tomato sauce and passing it off as numerous different meals (Bolognese, cottage pie, meat loaf) for days, if not weeks, afterwards. Continue reading

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Happy free-from Easter!

Dairy free gluten free Easter EggFollowing on from my last post about free-from sausages and how going without gluten and dairy doesn’t mean going without per se, it turns out the same can be said for chocolate. And Easter eggs.

Until six months ago health food shops were alien to me: the sort of places that emit the same waft as you pass by the door (what is that smell? The ryvita? The flax?) and are piled high with daunting looking bags of unidentifiable brown stuff. Until I went in with a list written by my nutritional therapist and actually knew what I was looking for, that is.

Admittedly chocolate was not on that list, however one cannot help but notice bright shiny chocolatey-looking packaging amongst the aforementioned unidentifiable brown stuff. And so I discovered Booja-Booja, which not only sells luxury chocolates and seasonal treats like Easter eggs (made in Kashmir and filled with truffles, pictured) but ice cream too. Continue reading

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By’eck! I’ve just eaten a squasage

Heck Fair & Square sausagesThat’s right, a squasage. Also known as a square sausage. That’s what gluten free sausage brand Heck have been busy making in time for the barbecue season, because it doesn’t fall through the rungs of the grill only to be burned to a crisp and lost forever, or roll off the side of the barbie onto the grass (pictured).

We haven’t dusted down our barbecue yet, so I’ve been eating mine between two soft and thick slices of (gluten free) bread. It may not look like a traditional sausage sandwich – as BB was fast to point out – but it tastes just the same and makes spreading the ketchup even easier.

When embarking on Project No Nasties last autumn I thought living free-from would also mean going without, but when it comes to sausages I’ve found an ever better offering than the standard shelves. Continue reading

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Things the troops could do with: cupcakes made by a 2-year-old

Easter chocolate shredded wheat nestsI know Easter is more than a week away, but BB and I have been busy making chocolate shredded wheat nests in time to send to her uncle who’s currently serving in Afghanistan (pictured).

I realise there are probably more urgent – and useful – things the troops could do with than a batch of varying sized cupcakes made from breakfast cereal by a two-year-old (decent coffee and new socks are repeated pleas from my brother), however there’s nothing like a taste of childhood either.

I also realise, with the temperature hotting up out there, that sending chocolate-based treats probably isn’t the best idea but I’m buoyed by the fact that when her uncle was stationed in the very same camp I sent a piece of her 1st (chocolate) birthday cake in mid-August and he said it was the best thing he ever tasted (although this probably isn’t saying much given the regulation ‘food’ which makes up their staple diet).

Continue reading

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‘He was standing on the loo proudly displaying his willy’

I want to see the moonWe’ve been on a trip down memory lane in our house lately. It started when BB’s granny gave her a 1984 copy of I Want To See The Moon by Louis Baum for Christmas (pictured), a fave when I was growing up. If you don’t know the story, it’s about a little boy called Toby who wakes up in the night and wants to see the moon, but of course it’s behind the clouds.

In some ways it’s very PC: there’s no sign of the mum (I always assumed she was at work) and the dad is the one who takes Toby out of his cot to the loo before making him some hot milk. But at the same time it contains illustrations you just wouldn’t get in a kids book today, like Toby standing on the loo proudly displaying his willy, also pictured. (‘You wouldn’t get away with that today!’ a male friend said when he saw it this weekend). Continue reading

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And the Nairn’s oat biscuits winner is…

Nairn's oat biscuits giveawayLynsey Buchanan – well done Lynsey! Three boxes of Nairn’s oat biscuits – rough oatcakes, gluten-free oats & syrup biscuit breaks and mixed berries oat biscuits – will be winging their way to you soon. Enjoy!

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LEGO storage brick: a place for everything

Giant LEGO storage brickSpring has officially sprung which means it’s time for a good spring clean (tidy house equals tidy mind and all that). There’s nothing more therapeutic than filling clear plastic bin bags with outgrown toys and packing them away, leaving great swathes of living and bedroom carpet visible for the first time in months. I know it won’t last and the lovely clear patches will soon be filled with new – infuriatingly bigger – toys, but that’s not the point.

Of course while some toys have got bigger the ones with Annoying Parts have got even smaller. Like letters that fit into jigsaws and plastic Winnie the Pooh characters (if I have to extract Roo from between my littlest toes one more time I will scream). Luckily aplaceforeverything.co.uk has come to my rescue and sent us a giant LEGO storage brick (rrp: £22.95) which is just the ticket (pictured). Continue reading

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