Shared parental leave: it could easily end in divorce

Shared parental leaveThe new shared parental leave policy comes into force next week. Having just returned from maternity leave, I don’t think it’s for us. Not now, not in the past, not ever.

There’s no doubt about it, working from home and being a mum at the same time is hard. Juggling my latest commission with a baby and a pre-schooler while trying to keep on top of the washing, the shopping, the cleaning and the cooking can drive me to distraction and the thought of being able to get up in the morning and leave the house for somewhere else, where I can think, wee and eat in peace while focussing on just one thing at a time and sipping a cup of tea that is actually hot is more than a little appealing.

But, the breast feeding issue aside, would I want Misery Guts to come home and take over? Absolutely not. On the days we do have Granny day care I get Catholic guilt separation anxiety after just a couple of hours. I wouldn’t want to be away from them.

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Is it ok to go straight from the school run to the pub?

BB 2015We’ve had a sobering email from BB’s preschool. After Easter they’re going to start introducing phonics and teaching the children how to write letters in preparation for starting school in September. They’ve also asked us to let them know what school she’ll be going to so they can start ‘thinking about friendship groups’.

It seems like only yesterday that I started this blog when I was preparing to give up breast feeding, and now my baby has turned into a little girl (pictured) and is about to start school. I’ve got absolutely no idea where that time has gone.

We’ve already decided to both take the day off work on BB’s first day so we can wave her off and collect her again. Misery Guts reckons he’s going to be a blithering idiot (his actual words) and I reckon I’ll need a stiff drink. Is it ok to go straight from the school run to the pub do you think? Continue reading

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I thought it was poo then realised it was blood

Nose bleed shockThere’s nothing like a good shock to wake you up in the morning. I went into BB’s bedroom one morning this week and found what I thought was poo smeared all over her face.

My first thought was that there had been some kind of poonami in the night which had somehow spread throughout the bed, until I looked down and realised there was blood. Everywhere.

All over her face, all over the pillow, all over the duvet and sheet and all over her nightie, dried to the colour of rust. Or poo. Continue reading

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Purifyne Cleanse review: an internal makeover for your body

Purifyne Cleanse review 1Cold pressed, ready to drink fresh detox juice delivered straight to your door. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

There’s never been a time I’ve been in more need of a pick me up – sleep deprivation, breast feeding, commuting and the many and varied demands of being a mum mean I am more run ragged than ever before, and when it comes to lifestyle I’m not really helping myself.

I routinely reach for high-sugar snacks like biscuits when hungry because I can shove them in my mouth one handed while doing something else like making BB’s tea or feeding Little B, when I know perfectly well what I should be doing is making the time to peel an avocado, spread it on rice cakes and sit down and eat it properly. And I ‘unwind’ at the end of a long day with a glass of wine more often than I should.

So when organic juice company Purifyne Cleanse got in touch and asked whether I’d like to review their work smart juice pack (pictured), which promises to ‘hydrate and nourish the brain and nervous system’ via juices for three consecutive days, I practically bit their hand off.

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Aldi bedding review: I’m a bedding snob

Aldi bedding review 1There’s been a lot of bed hopping going on at our house. With me working in London on three consecutive days last week we enlisted the help of both grannies on the childcare front, resulting in bed making, stripping and remaking on handover day. So it was rather timely when Aldi asked me to review their latest ‘specialbuys’: bedding (pictured).

Alongside your milk and bread you can now buy mattress protectors, duvets, sheets and covers from single to king-size, just the job for our day bed which the grannies clubbed together and bought when BB was born because they were getting too old for fed up with sleeping on our air bed. Continue reading

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Mum & Me book review: perfect for Mother’s Day

Mum and me review 1It’s almost Mother’s Day and if you haven’t sorted out a present yet I’ve got just the thing: a Mum & journal (pictured). It’s a personalised diary in which you can work together learning about everything from your earliest memory to things you love doing together as a family.

Even though she can’t write yet BB and I have been working on ours for a few weeks now, with me writing my entries and BB drawing hers. It’s become a bit of a routine – filling out a bit and then using the double ribbon bookmark to mark our place and come back to it again the next day. Continue reading

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Elemis cellular recovery skin bliss capsules review: tiny but fabulous

Elemis cellular recovery skin bliss capsules 1Four months, seven days and 10 hours: that’s how long it’s been since I last had a full nights’ sleep. And boy, is it starting to show. My skin is sallow, my contact lenses sting and I’ve got a muscle in my left hand eyebrow that just won’t stop twitching. Even worse, my hair is falling out – not a strand here and there, but fistfuls of the stuff.

Needing all the help I can get I’ve found a new secret weapon since having Little B: Elemis cellular recovery skin bliss capsules, which I would administer on a drip if I could. They’re fabulous. Tiny, but fabulous.

There are pink rose ones and green lavender ones – the pink are for day and the green are for night and both contain anti-ageing moringa oil to renew skin elasticity, plus a load of antioxidants.

You only get a tiny blob in each capsule, but that’s all you need. I actually prefer the green night ones – they’re so soothing and smell gorgeous – so I use them all up first before moving onto the pinkies. Continue reading

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