Our big allotment challenge! (with a little help from Aldi)

Allotment challengeAfter 14 months on the waiting list we finally have an allotment (pictured). I was surprised at how quickly it came about; when we lived in Surrey we were on the waiting list for seven years with no joy.

A proactive man at the council emailed and suggested that if we transferred our names from the waiting list for plots closest to our flat to a waiting list for plots in the next town, we’d be waiting months instead of years.

Given that Little B had just arrived and we realised we probably wouldn’t be walking to an allotment anyway it didn’t seem to matter if it was a drive away, so we took him up on the offer and low and behold we’ve now got a little patch of green we can call our own (pictured). Continue reading

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‘There’s SEAWEED in my Bolognese!’

Spinach bologneseIt wasn’t seaweed, it was spinach (pictured), which was swiftly extracted by a shrieking BB and left on the side of the plate along with my latest attempt to get her to eat more veg.

Basically, with the exception of carrots, if it looks like a vegetable then forget it. The baby led weaning days in which she happily sucked on green beans and chased mushrooms around the plate with her podgy baby fingers are long gone, and everything must now be diced within an inch of its life (also pictured).

Eat Your Veg

Continue reading

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Post baby running update: six months after the birth

Running in pregnancyIt’s almost six months since I’ve been back pounding the pavements following the birth of Little B, so I thought now is a good time for an update for anyone getting back into post-baby running, or thinking about it.

While I’m back up to my old distance I’m almost – but not quite – up to my old speed. It’s definitely taken me longer to regain my pre-pregnancy fitness than it did the first time round, but that said I am four years older than I was when BB was born.

But the most annoying thing has been two calf injuries, one in each leg, on separate occasions. Both were grade one calf strain, when you suddenly experience a sharp pain which then takes between two and five days to calm down. Continue reading

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Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

World's Biggest BookApparently two thirds of parents don’t have enough time to read to their kids, and a third say they suffer from guilt as a result.

In a bid to get families reading Alton Towers has unveiled the world’s biggest children’s book (pictured), which at more than 18ft high is taller than a giraffe and is available for families staying in the park’s new Enchanted Village to use. What fun!

While I hold my hands up to skipping creatively adapting a book when it’s too long and I want to get bedtime over so I can cook dinner (aka pour a glass of wine), we’ve always had two stories at bedtime. Not one or three, it always has to be two. I don’t remember when or why this tradition came about, it just did. But recently the routine has evolved to become one book, and one ‘talking story’. Continue reading

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Who’d have thought the best bit about a holiday could be a break from pumping milk?

Easter hols main picIt turns out we couldn’t have picked a better week to have our first holiday of the year – a post-Easter staycation. The sun shone practically every day last week and all four of us have been sunkissed.

I’ve got a red nose, BB has pink cheeks, Misery Guts has t-shirt marks and even Little B has a touch of colour despite copious amounts of sunblock and the repeated ramming of a sunhat on his head (why do they never, ever stay on?)

Holiday activities included meeting a baby goat, hunting for Easter eggs, playing on Granny and Grandad’s lawn, eating chocolate, walking in the New Forest, eating more chocolate – and ice cream, dusting down the Birkenstocks and wearing shorts which had a year off last summer owing to the bump of Little B, and entertaining friends on Brighton Pier. Continue reading

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Bing DVD review: this bunny will last beyond Easter

Bing DVD reviewWe’ve decamped to Dorset and the New Forest to grace the grannies with our presence over Easter. This year we’ve got an extra string to our bow in the activities stakes: a lovely shiny copy of the new Bing DVD.

For those of you unfamiliar with the CBeebies series, Bing is a bunny who gets into lots of mischief but his carer Flop is always on hand to help. Sounds a little on the simple and possibly boring side, but BB has always loved Bing so when we were sent the DVD to review I knew she’d be glued to the screen (pictured). Continue reading

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Lindt Easter chocolate review: the diddy lambs are almost too cute to eat (but not quite)

Lindt chocolate review 4Easter has come early in our house. In fact most seasonal events – Halloween, Christmas, Pancake Day etcetera – tend to come early owing to the fact we get sent things to review, which means we have to open them before the big day. I’m not complaining though, and nor is BB (pictured).

Our latest treat is Lindt’s Easter offering and let’s face it, it wouldn’t be Easter without a Lindt gold bunny. This year’s range includes chocolate Little Chicks (£3), Little Lambs (£2), a strawberry and cream white chocolate egg (£8.99 but it’s currently £8 in Tesco) and giant cuddly bunny.

The Little Chicks have a milky white filling and being bite size are the perfect portion size for little people after tea (although admittedly I had to go out and buy another packet for the purposes of this picture because I ate the previous lot myself…)

Continue reading

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