I swear he’s more awake than he lets on, and he swears he isn’t

Broken nights 2This is a short rant about sleep (or lack of). Last night I was up no less than six times with Little B in the space of seven hours. That’s basically once an hour. Of course no sooner was I finally able to sink into a deep sleep as dawn broke than I was jolted awake by the alarm clock. Continue reading

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Win a year’s supply of Huggies baby wipes!

Huggies Challenge Your WipesFancy winning a year’s supply of Huggies baby wipes, a £500 Asda gift card or a Disney hamper? Then all you’ve got to do is challenge your wipes!

As regular followers will know this year we’re working with Huggies and putting their range of wipes to the test, and we’re kicking off by taking part in the new Huggies Challenge Your Wipes campaign, which launches this week. Continue reading

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BritMums Live 2015: I’m just a teeny tiny bit scared

Who needs a mummy anywayI’ve gone and done it: I’ve bought my ticket for BritMums Live (we’ve got a lovely shiny badge on the right hand side of the page to prove it) and I’m just a teeny tiny bit scared. 

It’s the UK’s biggest two day conference and social media event for bloggers, and having never been to anything like this before it’s a rather daunting prospect. Continue reading

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Ella’s Kitchen finger food review: let weaning commence!

Baby led weaning 5Just when you’ve settled nicely into a routine, it’s time to change it again and get used to a new one. After six months of exclusive breast feeding it’s time to start weaning Little B, and I’m not sure I’m ready. Mainly due to the constant wiping.

As with BB we’re opting for baby led weaning, which for those of you in dark means Little B is given whole pieces of food or a loaded spoon to feed himself, and is the opposite of parent led weaning, ie me shovelling puree into his mouth on a spoon. Continue reading

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Taking out a pension and making a will: eeek eeek eeek…

Pension piggy bankGetting a pension and making a will. Those are top on my list of life admin which I’ve been vowing to get round to for years, but haven’t. And with the election results now coming through, it’s a timely time to revisit the issue.

With the exception of a tiny pension I earned while working at a newspaper – and of course the state pension (also tiny) – I’ve got a vague idea that you’re supposed to halve your age, and that’s the percentage of your monthly income you ought to be putting away for retirement. Eeek. Continue reading

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Why you should vote tomorrow according to my 13-year-old cousin

Statistics say young people don’t care about politics. I say: watch this.

This is my 13-year-old cousin, who has not only composed, written and made her own video about why we should vote tomorrow, she’s won a nationwide competition for her efforts. And you have to watch it – it’s excellent!

Continue reading

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There was absolutely no sign of the necessary big pants: where was Kate’s VPL?

Royal baby 1Didn’t Kate look amazing when she left hospital less than 10 hours after giving birth? I too left hospital around 10 hours after having Little B, but I absolutely did not look amazing.

Although I had thought about and packed a ‘going home’ outfit, for some reason which evades me now I didn’t put it on, and opted for what I had worn into the hospital instead.

This consisted of what Misery Guts calls my ‘cruddy, baggy-arsed tracky bottoms’ – aka a pair of lace up velour tracksuit bottoms I got from Mark One (does that even still exist?) about 10,000 years ago which sport red marks from bleach I’ve spilt while cleaning the loo – my Birkenstocks, an H&M top and Misery Guts’ denim jacket. Nice. Continue reading

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