My family and other animals

Enigmatic SmileI can’t wait until BB starts talking properly. We had Nephew Number 1, nine, to stay last weekend, and among the conversations was this little gem in the car on the way back from Pizza Express:

Nephew Number 1: Do penguins have teeth?

Misery Guts: No, I don’t believe they do.

Nephew Number 1: Do any birds have teeth?

Misery Guts: I can categorically say that there are no birds with teeth. (Is this correct? I have no idea)

Nephew Number 1: Well, I know of a bird that has teeth.

Misery Guts: Really? Are you sure it’s a bird?

Nephew Number 1: Yes, it’s a mythical bird and it’s called a Donkey Bird, and it definitely has teeth.

BB: Don-key bird, Don-key bird.


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2 Responses to My family and other animals

  1. bakedbyiris says:

    Hahahahaha!! I will not have any of these answers. Too adorable your little nephew :)


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