‘Mummy why do cats have tails?’

Why do cats have tailsBB has finally started asking the why word. To be honest I was getting a bit concerned that this milestone had not yet been reached when all her little friends started asking why months ago. I needn’t have worried.

‘Why are you putting your coat on?’, ‘Why do I have to eat my lunch?’ and ‘Why are you going to work?’ are all questions she’s asked today alone, and more trickily at bath time earlier this week, ‘Why does Daisy have a long tail?’

This is a very good question: why do cats have tails, and long ones at that? (see Eddie & Daisy, pictured). Given I was kneeling on the bathroom floor elbow deep in bubble bath at the time, stalling under the guise of ‘checking my phone’ while nipping onto google to find out was out of the question, so I fudged it by saying that’s ‘how cats are built’ and ‘what makes them different from humans’.

In fact, according to the encyclopaedia of everything aka the internet, cats have tails because they help with balance, enabling them to walk on narrow ledges and land on all four paws; for communication, signalling their mood and motivation, and they contain scent glands helping them mark their territory.

Armed with this new-found knowledge and feeling rather pleased with myself I went to find BB and tell her, but she just looked at me blankly and said ‘what are you talking about mummy?’

That’s also a very good question…

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8 Responses to ‘Mummy why do cats have tails?’

  1. Valerie says:

    I did know that tails help some animals balance (especially squirrels!) but I have had to look things up to answer my children’s questions puuulenty of times! ;)
    Haha, how old is she?


    • crummymummy1 says:

      Yes I think this will be the first of many times I need to look things up! She’s two years and eight months – three in August x


      • Valerie says:

        My youngest will be three in September! :)


      • crummymummy1 says:

        Just read your post on natural childbirth and it’s really inspiring – I was induced with BB in 2011 but planning (and hoping for) a very different experience with number two who’s due this autumn…


      • Valerie says:

        Thank you!
        Oh, that’s wonderful – Congratulations!! I have some additional posts on NCB too (and birth, in general), so look around, if you have time. :)


      • crummymummy1 says:

        Yes I will do – I plan to blog about it nearer the time once I’ve got my head round it all (!) and done some research – am DETERMINED not to be induced this time…so watch this space!


  2. My 5yo is now going through this stage AGAIN. Why. Why. Why. Aaaarrrgggggggg


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